Sunday, February 22, 2009

i kena bin terpengaruh si i skipped bomba .
den, we went 2 amcorp
we went 2 playground pla lyk kid oni.
actually, im vry martured.
i jz copy them . xDD
after dat, walk all the way up 2 the cc t nt opened.
se, went 2 watson i think. PERGI SHOOPING!! xDD
after dat, since ntgg was open .
we went 2 starbucks.
bought ice blended mocha.
dam kelian mann,
cz pokai ad.
den kai bin n kai ei go CHAO my bag.
found 50.
their expressin damn fani mann.
bt, wasen my money.
still, obviously they din care laa.
den we chatted bout loads of stuff .
skul stuff.
den lyk 45 mins l8r, we went 2 watson.
bought so much stuff oso.
den finnaly went 2 cc wit them.
jz lidat, spent 100.
and den, wne t back 2 skul .
den ate @ ipoh thr.
YIGN belanja.
dunno real not.......
anyway, after dat bins mom fetch us 2 meng tian hse.
luckily, she nt transfering ad.
so, we went thr.
gkhi ei dyed hair.
den her mum came in, so we hid in the toilet.
her mum damn fierce.
i scared still cepat2 call my mumm cum.
bt she @ curve.ahahhaha.
x tao how i survive laa.
bt, we went 2 the shops thr lorhh.
den went pdg.
chit chatted den balik .

Friday, February 20, 2009

tak taooooo...................

2dayyy, so sad wan lorhh.
my darlyn meng tian say she gonna transfer ad. den , jowie sgt sad. urmm, every1 banyak sad laa actually cz she banyak de daogei wann!! xDD. soso, jowie sad til go pdg run worhh!! =_+, so ask a few boys go teman him run, got khai jieh and jun haw and kok onn and yen han i think, yeapp!! :DD SUMMORE, 2 day me n bin 2 daiB again. tpretend 2 kiss , den go carry vic till she fall down, den kepp asking ppl 2 belanja us, cz we mmg pokai ad.

afterdat, cz recess me, liyan and janice and 1more person x sempat go toilet, den ireli rlei cnt tahan ad so i go chor noor farah's pass 2 gp tandas. x))and NOOR FARAH IS PREGNANT!!!!!!! i jz notice her body shape lyk weird weird wan. den i ask her, SHE RRELI PREGNANT AD!!!!

this morning, i kena pn.teh marah cz i brng teh tarik into the skul, she ask me dun bring this kind of 'la ji' so i sososo SMART w8 4 her 2 go oni i go in lah!! =_+ urmmm, den during rumah, dat stupiakk got 13 holes in her brain goh so hai keep BEHing me and khai ei den she said we lompat jauh lyk walking catwalk. i SOSOS h8 her mann. summore, she said we dai biao skul 4 lompat jauh den keep pulling our hand, pain lyk heelll mannn....

so ytd, me n mei ying n my bin n khai ei damn WEI an lorhh!! we go cut meng tian hair, den every1 pretend lyk they so PRo lidat,
kahi ei:nononononon, nt lidat derhh. its lidat den she cut.
den mei ying: i noe how 2 cut, i always cut hair wann den she cut.
kai bin: i oso always cut my haior wann, den she cut .
ooni im the most martured oni cut 1 tym, ahahha.
they cut so long, til every1 masuk hall ad. i see lyk still the same wann .=_+

anywya, kai bin go sweep floor den i fling her hair on the floor again den she sweep da fani mann. i feel lyk pushing trolley lidat mann. :DDDDDDD

haizzz, anyway, damn tired ad.

NITEs lorhhhhhh.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


bin n me
our YENG YENG backs .



HAPPY 14th birthday!
MY DEAR wong li yan. (:
saya tau sudah terlewat x))

Saturday, February 14, 2009


MERENTAS DESA damn fun lahh!!
i LUVED it..........
i reached @ 7plus+ and den the khai ei n mneg tian help me pin the number. so CACAT!!
me n bin2 1 pair, walk the whole way, nvr run at all except when we cross the road.
janice n liyan . x tau wad they do lorhh, they go so fast.
meng tian n khai ei, the most daiB derhh!! go into lasalle beli COKE worhh!! =_+
ying2 and LY(ee cheng), dunno oso, the FASTEST .

so when we were WALKING, we did mani cacated stuff .
bin ding dong sum1s bell .
we toke pics .
bin walk bhind 1 old lady. she faster than us mann.
i borrow ppls water n drink .
sit on ppls bench .
bin go BOO! wan driver cz she keep on horning us .
and she pointed the middle finger, bt i showed the PEACE sign!! xDD
anyway, we got last as expected . malunya....... lyk no1 eve bother wit us cuming in.
they ask us 2 walk another lane worh!!!

OYA!!, i saw cheam wear high heels and jeans mann!! imagine dat. UGLY lyk syt**
we took mani pics lorhh .
den they went mid without me T.T
bt at least i went 2 kanna wit janice n julia 4 teh tarik . :DD

happy valentine's

Friday, February 13, 2009

i hate cheam de lorh .
on wed, me n bin brought phone 2 sku;. den during bins PJPK, she take out 2 sms worh . =_+ anyway, dat tymi went 2 tandas, so she ask me 2 keep lorhh cz kavitha saw ad , so i had 2 phones. den dunno which fisher go tell cheam i brought phone . den 5 mins gonna fang xue ad, she cum spot check me . HAIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
she fond bin bins phone . my phone saved mann. T.T
den she mosou bins phone 4 6 months.
dat cheam damn sohai wan lorhh . settle this case need 3 days mann. RECORD**
kepp asking me weather i gt regret not!! sure i say yes lahh. takan no ryt. =_+
i kena fa zhan 4 3 periods she write thr 2 worehh. so unfair mann. den summore take dat dunno wad borang aduan dunno wad syt laa. bt, i din giv my mums num lorhh!! so SMART man. wakakkakaka xDD

Saturday, January 31, 2009

went 2 sunway wit dat kaibin. i followed julian thr.
julian's dad damn scary, keep asking me ques lyk y ur class drop??
nvr study isirt??
bt, still, he gave me an angpao . :))
den rached thr n went 2 meet janoce, seh lim and kok onn and met yucin.
he keep saying i wad . urm, nvr ay sungai buloh toll. IDK.

went 2 GASOLINE 2 hav lunch. dat place expensive laa.
RM64 .80 i think. we bought cakes 4 seh lim bt he nvr eat wann =_+.
den i went 2 meet my frens chloe and weng ni .
seh lim and wei kheng n kok onn all waanna kao her arhh!!! xDD
take her number den t8 photo wit her. :P
den go sms her sumore, bt she din reply dem!!!
heeeehs ;DD

amyway, we went 2 watch inkheart.
at the cinema, me n kai bin n wei kheng keep disturbing each other.
walking aroud and stuff.
mani ppl BEH us arhh!! den kai bin push me, i kena the guy side me!! PAISEH lehh!!
got 1 man, i think he reli cnt tahna ad. he go
SHEEEEEEEEESH us. so loud man..
den we watch dat show lyk 1 hr dunno wad they dojng oso.
left the cinema.

after dta, nic n kok onn went 4 archery. LOL.
kok onn's archery damn fani laa. walakkakaka.
he made 1 joke oso, LOL.
eat mango.
wnet 4 bowling after dat bt i was wit my LENG LUI fren.

den we went 2 makan @ wong kok char.
strupid stupid dunno hu go use the straw n den spray me laaa.
den sum1 said, y u go spray her lidat, u shud sapray more mahh!!
den all the boys makan again. this tym bil lagi expensive 70 sumthing.
all to gether i spent 50 i think.
angpao maney less ad.

anyway, i had LOADS of fun.
bt 2 bad, i oni hav a few pics.
still better than ntg.